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Haute Topic

Make It Work

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Haute Topic

Welcome to Haute Topic! Please read the rules before you join.

- This community is not for posting links to your Etsy or Ebay page. If you spam the community you will be banned.

- You are welcome to introduce yourself, but it's not required. If you choose to make an introduction entry please tell us your first name, age, location and who your style icon is. You can post pictures as long as you follow the guidelines for images below.

- Larger images (wider than 550px) must be placed behind a cut as a courtesy. Also, please use a cut if you are posting more than 2 images.

- Discussion of celebrity fashion is encouraged, but not the gossip about who they are dating, what drugs they are on or their religious affiliations/sexual preferences. There are plenty of other places for that stuff too.

- No surveys or memes. We don't care what flavor of martini you are or which SATC character you are most like.

- Trolling of personal journals will not be tolerated. There's no need for any of that drama. We're here to discuss fashion!

- This community is not about bashing members for their own sense of style or lack thereof. There are plenty of other communities for that such as getofflj, badmakeup or badeyebrows.

Basically, respect yourself and others.

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